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Meet the folks behind Resistance Custom Jigs!


My name is Brian Genre, and this is my wife, Billi.  We live in South Louisiana, where fishing and hunting aren't just hobbies, but a way of life. 

In 2020, armed with 30 years of industrial manufacturing experience, I decided to turn my hobby of tying crappie jigs into a small business. 


Every custom fishing lure you purchase from Resistance Custom Jigs is handmade by me, with care and attention to detail.  Like most fishermen, I'm obsessive about my gear and I will never sell something to you that I wouldn't tie on myself. 

If you are wondering about our odd company name, a lot of the reason I started making lures in the first place was in rebellion against the trend of foreign-sourced, cheaply made junk peddled to us through big box stores with horrible customer service and no personal touch at all.  Since there is already a Rebel Lure Co. and I'm a kid of the 70's, the Star Wars theme emerged.  Yea, I know... it's kind of nerdy but I'm proud to be a member of the Resistance!

Photo of Brian Genre and wife Billi
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